Cragar Smoothie classic american steel wheels


Cragar Smoothie steels, classic look, comes complete with hub cap.Each size has a 10 hole fixing behind cap allowing a choice of two bolt patterns per wheel.

For help on fitments or to order please contact raceways by phone or e-mail, 07834-625372

Prices for wheels held in stock, or ordered via sea freight, if special order required via air freight a different price applies, please ask for details.


14 x 6 £114.95

14 x 7 £119.95

15 x 6 £115.95

15 x 7 £119.95

15 x 8 £125.95

15 x 10 £139.95



Correct @ April 2017

Prices include VAT


Several sizes are kept in stock.


Cragar wheels made in USA.

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