Star type narrow tuner bolt variable pcd fitment


Star type narrow tuner bolt variable pcd fitment, allows movement of up to 1.5mm across pcd.Order fitting key as separate item


Price: £2.40 Quantity:

These bolts are designed with a floating washer, which allows a movement of approx 1-1.5mm in a 360 degree circumference. This allows a wheel of a correct centre bore to fit several different bolt patterns (PCD) whilst still keeping the bolt centralised and parallel within the recess pocket of the wheel. ie allow a wheel with a 112mm x 5 pcd to fit a car with a 110 x 5 pcd, or a 100mm x 4 stud to fit a 98mm x 4 stud.

If you are not sure please e-mail with advice on what you are trying to fit.

Note these bolts are 27mm thread length and so for some applications they may require to be shortened.Always spin wheel before driving off to check for fouling.

Threads available are 12mm 1.5 and 12mm 1.25, choose thread required from list.

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